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Zoo MINIMUSEUM exhibition

Africa – Wild at Heart Exhibition

Rhinoceros – the Tertiary Witness Exhibition


Zoo MINIMUSEUM exhibition

Incorporated in the Protivín Crocodile Zoo is the exhibition of the Protivín Zoological Museum named Zoo MINIMUSEUM. Visitors can have a look not only at the live crocodiles, but also at crocodile skulls, which will allow them to have a better look at the differences between individual species. Skulls of the largest tortoises and turtles, as well as smaller animals including their shells are exhibited, together with snake skulls, coral fish from the Philippines, an American alligator's heart and lungs and the whole skeletons of e.g. the Spectacled caiman, Rhinoceros viper, etc.



Africa – Wild at Heart Exhibition

National Geographic Česko

  • Organized in cooperation with National Geographic
  • Implementation: 29 June 2011 – 30 October 2011

The AFRICA – Wild at Heart exhibition is the third and so far the largest collection of images made by the renowned National Geographic company in the Czech Republic. About one hundred and fifty large size photographs represent wild, cruel and beautiful Africa, where people hunt and kill, but also live, celebrate and enjoy life.
The colourful picture part of the exhibition was complemented by the Zoo Museum with unique osteological preparations of such African animals as the African forest elephant, lion, African leopard, saddle-billed stork, marabou, Nile crocodile, African buffalo, Rothschild’s giraffe, Western lowland gorilla, desert warthog, black rhinoceros, and wildebeest.
The exhibition has been installed in the impressive Franciscan monastery, and visitors are thus given a chance to see different, normally closed, unique medieval premises, including the chapel with the "Black Madonna" from Český Krumlov.

Africa - Wild at Heart Exhibition Africa - Wild at Heart Exhibition


Rhinoceros – the Tertiary Witness Exhibition

  • Exhibited in Kaplanka in Protivín
  • The exhibition was launched on 8 May 2010.

Protivín Zoo Museum attracts visitors to a spectacular rhinoceros exhibition. It is a unique collection of especially osteological and dermoplastic preparations of various mammal species, in particular rhinoceroses. The biggest collection of rhinoceros skeletons in the world is exhibited. These are mostly original imports by Josef Vágner from Africa to the Zoos in Dvůr Králové and Ústí nad Labem in the 1970s. The wild animals were placed in an environment where they were fed regularly and well, which resulted in their truly rare parameters. The sizes of the skeletal remains of these creatures provide visitors with a fascinating experience. A major piece is the skeleton of a cross of the northern (Cotton) and southern form of white rhinoceros. A complete skeleton and dermoplastic preparation of the species are exhibited, which is a global rarity.
The visitors can view both male and female skeletons of the white rhinoceros. The pair came from Ústí nad Labem Zoo. The female Sasha and her partner Dan lived together for 27 years. Today they are exhibited together in the Zoo Museum. A black rhinoceros is a nice complement to the unique collection.
The exhibition also shows other mammal species. The Rothschild’s giraffe, which is the tallest mammal in the world, is the only standing piece in the Czech Republic, with a height of 4.4 m. Last but not least – the collection includes the installation of a cheetah attacking a warthog. The cheetah's skeleton is hanging on wires in mid-air in the typical charging position.
The exhibition also includes nice posters, where the visitors can see pictures of live animals shot in the wild. They are accompanied by texts, often describing interesting facts from the life of the given exhibit.
The location in the historic Kaplanka building adds to the already considerable appeal of the exhibition.

skeleton of rhinoceros

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  • 08/10 Succsess in Crocodile ZOO Protivín - breeding of Indian gharial

    On 4th – 6th of May we were breeding sixteen crocodile´s babies of gharial (Gavialis gangeticus). It is first rearing in Europe and at the same time is first rearing outside the tropics.

  • 07/19 Endangered Crocodiles Conservation fund

    Crocodile Zoo Protivín has great success with breeding endangered and critically endangered crocodile species. The first in Europe Zoo has bred a Cuban crocodile (Crocodylus rhombifer) in homozygous form a Mugger crocodile (Crocodilus palustris).

  • 07/19 V Congreso Internacional Tropical Animal Production

    In the days from 16. 11 to 20. 11. 2015 We attended the fifth Congreso Internacional Tropical Animal Production at the Palacio de Convenciones de la Habana, where we presented our successful breeding of the critically endangered crocodile species.

Natural breeding Siamese Crocodiles - video

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