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Gavialis gangeticus in the Crocodile ZOO Protivín

The day of 29 October will always be recorded in the history of our zoo. On this day we accepted, directly from India, a group of Gavialis gangeticus, one of the most precious animal species on our planet. In the past, groups of young Gavialis gangeticus were transported into some of the world zoos, into the Prague ZOO for the last time. In our case, the unique transport of a breeding couple of these Gavialis gangeticus, moreover accompanied by a group of five young ones being one and half meters long was realized. In total, the group of seven Gavialis gangeticus in Protivín ZOO is the largest one in the world outside India and Nepal, which are countries of origin of these amazingly beautiful crocodiles.
The agreement on the delivery of an adult couple of Gavialis gangeticus originated within the visit of Miroslav Procházka, the zoo director, in Mádras Crocodile Bank Trust v Indii in the autumn. Romulus Whitaker, the founder of this crocodile farm and the world-known conservationist famous for his documentary programmes on the largest crocodiles and cobras recently broadcast on Czech TV Channels offered the group of Gavialis gangeticus to our zoo as an exchange for a group of Crocodylus rhombifer. This fact means appreciation of our work since a world-known institution establishing its own breeding group decided to choose crocodiles bred in our zoo. After more than three-year long administrative preparations, this exchange came true on 14th to 29th October. It resulted in the launch of breeding of Crocodylus rhombifer in India, where there had been none of this species bred yet, followed by arrival of seven Gavialis gangeticus into Protivín. The male is 4.2 m long belonging to the largest captive-bred crocodiles in Europe. The female is a bit smaller – 3.6m. This couple is accompanied with a group of five-year old young ones. Gavialis gangeticus have still been quarantined. Their transport into the exhibition area will be announced on this website.
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