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Hatching of Crocodylus siamensis and Mating of Crocodylus palustris

Good news for all of the Zoo visitors. Young crocodiles have been hatching. So far, the first Crocodylus siamensis of this year has been born (see the photo). This means a great success, this species is endangered critically. In the incubator, which is being located directly within the exposition, you can find eggs of both Crocodylus siamensis and those of Crocodylus rhombifer which are going to hatch in the coming weeks. Furthermore, mating of Crocodylus palustris is proceeding. These crocodiles have been mating  exclusively in the presence of visitors who can then follow the reproductive cycle, which is very rare.

Líhnutí krokodýla siamského

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  • 08/10 Succsess in Crocodile ZOO Protivín - breeding of Indian gharial

    On 4th – 6th of May we were breeding sixteen crocodile´s babies of gharial (Gavialis gangeticus). It is first rearing in Europe and at the same time is first rearing outside the tropics.

  • 07/19 Endangered Crocodiles Conservation fund

    Crocodile Zoo Protivín has great success with breeding endangered and critically endangered crocodile species. The first in Europe Zoo has bred a Cuban crocodile (Crocodylus rhombifer) in homozygous form a Mugger crocodile (Crocodilus palustris).

  • 07/19 V Congreso Internacional Tropical Animal Production

    In the days from 16. 11 to 20. 11. 2015 We attended the fifth Congreso Internacional Tropical Animal Production at the Palacio de Convenciones de la Habana, where we presented our successful breeding of the critically endangered crocodile species.

Natural breeding Siamese Crocodiles - video

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