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The Crocodile ZOO baptized its crocodile atlas

Saturday, 3 October is declared as Day of Animals. Protivin Zoo celebrated this feast by baptizing Little Picture Crocodile Atlas of Miroslav Procházka, the owner and entrepreneur of the Crocodile ZOO.
This little book is written mainly for the public. As the first picture crocodile atlas in the Czech Republic, it introduces its readers to the living crocodile species all around the world. In co-operation with IUCN, the earnings of the book sales will be used to rescue Mesangat Area in Indonesia where there are several tens of Tomistoma Schlegelii and Crocodylus Siamensis still surviving in the wildlife. Protivin ZOO has become one of the world ZOOs supporting the project of rescuing conservation station which is to be established on the rainforest area of about 6,000 ha on Borneo up to 2012.
The baptism of the atlas was performed by RNDr. Aleš Toman, the zoologist of Jihlava ZOO, well-known for hispopular children series "Vydrýsek" or "Podivuhodná cesta ježka Aladina". The wish of successful sales of the book was rendered both by Karel Vlasák, the councillor of the South-Bohemian Region for the environment and countryside development, and by Jiří Netík, the chairman of the Committee for the Environment and Countryside Development , as well as by Jaromír Hlaváč, the Mayor of Protivín City.
The book is printed by Studio Gabreta s.r.o. České Budějovice. It is being sold for CZK 60 in Protivín ZOO and other selected bookshops. Its English version for West-European, American and Asian markets is being prepared too.
Malý Atlas krokodýlů   Save the Crocodiles

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