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First young animals of this year were born

Líheň krokodýlů siamských

The crocodile ZOO is bigger of 18 new broods of crocodylus siamensis. It is the 3rd breeding and for now the most successful breeding of these critical endangered species. The vistors can see them just in the zoo exposure.

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Published 2. 8. 2017 17:03

Philippine crocodile /Crocodylus mindorensis/, the rarest crocodile of the world, la

Since 20th June 2009 is the Protivín Crocodile ZOO official member of the Conservation programme of Philippine crocodile.

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Published 2. 8. 2017 16:56

The Easter gifts for the ZOO!

The female of critically endangered Crocodylus siamensis laid 26 fertilized eggs few days before Easter. The visitors can see these eggs together with the eggs of Crocodylus palustris in the incubator, which is part of the exposition.

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Author: Crocodile Zoo Protivin Published 2. 8. 2017 16:49

Female Žofka laid the eggs

In the morning on the 5th of March, there was a big surprise waiting for the zoo staff. The female of Crocodylus palustris laid the eggs, which are stored in the incubator at the zoo exposition.

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Author: Crodolize Zoo Protivin Published 2. 8. 2017 16:46

Severe toil at the zoo

On Monday, 5 November 2012 TV crew filmed TV Prima Cool another part of the show hard work at our zoo.

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Author: Crocodile Zoo Protivín Published 2. 8. 2017 16:27

We have another addition to the crocodile family

Caiman crocodilus was born 29th October in Crocodile zoo.

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Published 2. 8. 2017 16:20

Filming Jackass for MTV at our zoo

Celý štáb s režisérkou Ivannou Benešovou

The Czech Republic’s youngest well-known director, Ivanna Benešová, and her film crew filmed an episode of the Czech version of the Jackass Show at Protivín Zoo on Monday 8th October.

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Author: Crocodile Zoo Protivín Published 2. 8. 2017 16:12

Endangered Crocodile Day

Den ohrožených krokodýlů

Endangered Crocodile Day was held at Protivín Zoo on Saturday 6th October on the occasion of International Animal Day. The zoo has financially supported the natural locality of Mesangat Lake in Borneo for many years now.

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Author: Crocodile Zoo Protivín Published 2. 8. 2017 16:11

Trail of courage through crocodiles

Účastníci stezky odvahy

We prepared fine day with competitions on the end of holiday. Hourly we handed out a lot of prizes. We are happy that visitors were very satisfied. More in the photo gallery.

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Author: crocodile Zoo Protivín Published 2. 8. 2017 16:06

Rey Koranteng in zoo

Rey Koranteng

The famous moderator Rey Koranteng (TV Nova) visited our zoo during his stay in the South Bohemia.

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Published 2. 8. 2017 16:01

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  • 08/10 Succsess in Crocodile ZOO Protivín - breeding of Indian gharial

    On 4th – 6th of May we were breeding sixteen crocodile´s babies of gharial (Gavialis gangeticus). It is first rearing in Europe and at the same time is first rearing outside the tropics.

  • 07/19 Endangered Crocodiles Conservation fund

    Crocodile Zoo Protivín has great success with breeding endangered and critically endangered crocodile species. The first in Europe Zoo has bred a Cuban crocodile (Crocodylus rhombifer) in homozygous form a Mugger crocodile (Crocodilus palustris).

  • 07/19 V Congreso Internacional Tropical Animal Production

    In the days from 16. 11 to 20. 11. 2015 We attended the fifth Congreso Internacional Tropical Animal Production at the Palacio de Convenciones de la Habana, where we presented our successful breeding of the critically endangered crocodile species.

Natural breeding Siamese Crocodiles - video

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